ITEEA 2014 Conference

The SMTE NSF project will demonstrate the next-generation of Survival Master at the ITEEA 2014 National Conference in Orlando, Florida on March 27 - 29, 2014.

Plan to visit the "Survival Master" Expo Booth on Thursday and Friday  (March 27-28) at the ITEEA Annual Conference to experience the newest developments for the next-generation of the Survival Master computer game.  Visitors will be invited to play the new board game and video game levels created wtih Unity3D (web player and mobile).

SURVIVAL MASTER:  is a 3D Computer Game designed specifically for secondary school engineering and technology education students.

shelter screen

The browser-based 3D computer game teaches students about surface area and volume of geometric shapes, heat flow, and structural design in the context of a challenge to design a shelter for survivors of an earthquake in a very cold climate. The shelter must be designed to retain the heat generated by four survivors, and withstand a given snow load and wind load.

Simulations and Modeling in Technology Education (SMTE) is a five-year National Science Foundation-funded project that is researching the potential of a hybrid instructional model that blends computer gaming and physical modeling using tools and materials. The project, conducted by Hofstra University, has designed a four-week-long 3D computer game called Survival Master and a companion physical modeling curriculum specifically for middle school engineering and technology education students and teachers based on the Standards for Technological Literacy. Project research is comparing student learning and engagement in gaming and more traditional physical modeling delivery modes.



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