• NSF Project

    The SMTE project produced, researched, and evaluated the efficacy of a hybrid instructional model that presented a design challenge to MS students in two modes of instructional delivery: a game-based mode within which students engaged in 3D virtual modeling activities, and a physical modeling mode where students completed the same design challenge and attained the same learning objectives using tools and materials in a laboratory-based setting. Read More
  • Game-Based Learning

    The 3D game includes single-player and team-based gameplay. The single player levels are a series of challenges where students compete as individual players to ensure that each student optimally assimilates key ideas. The game then culminates with levels in a social-learning challenge for teams of four to support each other as they design, construct, test, and report on their own individual shelter solutions. Read More
  • Physical Modeling

    Students work in teams of four to design, construct, and test a scale model of an emergency survival shelter.

    They use the Informed Design Process to clarify specifications and constraints; conduct research; generate alternatives; justify the optimal design; test, evaluate, and modify the solution; and communicate achievements in a class presentation and final design report.
    Read More
  • Downloads

    The SMTE project is providing complimentary access to download the physical modelling curriculum - including the teacher and student guides (pdf), the newest versions of the game’s conductive heat flow levels, and the entire game from the 2012 field test with the accompanying Moodle course pack that supports the team-based shelter design challenge activities. Read More
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