Game Version 4 (V4 Virtools)
The initial SMTE game concept (2008) called for an online 3D multiplayer, where teams of four would work together real-time to build a survival shelter.

The development team at Course Games development team came to the SMTE project at that time with a custom online Multiplayer architecture in place using the Virtools Multiuser Server technology that had been developed for their recently completed Workplay Serious Game production for a grant project at Santa Barbara City College.

Using the Virtools Multiuser Technology, Survival Master Version 1 was prototyped as an online multiplayer, based upon the initial concept that was entirely team-based gameplay.

V1 Multiplayer Prototype

V1 Virtools Multiuser Technology
Unfortunately, from the outset it became clear that typical of K12 networks presented firewall obstacles to an online multiplayer that were insurmountable, and that topology simply was not feasible in that environment.

Additionally, the emerging instructional design identified the need for single-player gameplay for the Knowledge and Skills Builder content to allow students of varying entry level skills to work at an individual pace in preparing to join the team gameplay to build the shelter. Versions 2 and 3 added single-player game levels for the KSB content and moved the team-based gameplay from an online multiplayer to a LAN-based multiplayer.


V4 KSB2a

V4 Lan Multiplayer

A supporting Moodle course was developed to support the geographically dispersed Field Testing team of teachers, augmented with Adobe Connect Professional webcasts.

V4 Field Test Moodle

 Version 7

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 Version 6

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 Production Model

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