Game Version 7 (V7 Unity3D)
The the “KSB2 – Conductive Heat Flow Formula” levels of the game were redesigned and developed in Unity3D to be field tested as a feasibility study investigating whether one KSB from the SMTE game can be used in science classrooms.

This feasibility study was to answer “Can a computer game (SMTE), designed for Technology Education classes be used in science classes and can it promote science learning that is considered meaningful within the context of NGSS?” The revision of the KSB2 game levels for this study was aligned with a cross-walk document prepared by Mike Jabot that mapped the SMTE curriculum to NGSS.

The redesign began with another comprehensive game design review that was conducted by the development team over 12 weeks in the Summer 2013. Wherever possible, the game-based learning activities targeted connections to NGSS; Crosscutting concepts; and Science and Engineering Practices. The 5 levels of KSB2 were revised into 3 missions to be played in three class session of 40 minutes.

Mission 1 - Delta T Challenge
The SMTE Game Development team adopted the Unity Build Pipeline developed by Course Games to optimize the virtual team development of the missions. The development of the new missions to be used in the study included:

A new online game enterprise architecture was developed using PHP/MySQL and the Unity web browser player plugin.

A new intro video was developed to provide overview of Survival Master and context for the KSB2 Missions.

Briefing and Debriefing scenes were developed for each mission. Included in the briefing scenes for each mission were new interactive assessment activities where the learner demonstrates their understanding of the key concepts to be used in the mission prior to entry.

Mission 1 - Trainer Briefing

Mission 1 - Briefing Sim
Next-generation quality character art for the male and female characters were implemented using Unity Mecanim.

Mission 1 - Trainer Briefing

New NPC character art was developed to bring the trainers to life.

Math Trainer

Structures Trainer

Player setup was implemented, selecting gender and roles (Bartles player types).

Player Setup

Difficulty levels were implemented.

New badges for role selection were implemented.

New achievements for each mission were developed.

Mission 1 Achievements

Mission 2 Achievements

Mission 3 Achievements

Demo versions of the Version 7 Missions are available in "Downloads"".

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